Professional Experience




During more than 20 years of working in the field of competition law, I had the opportunity to constantly learn to know and understand the particularities of new markets where my clients were active on. Economic aspects often are of higher relevance in the field of competition law than legal questions.

Also in connection with M&A transactions I experienced that it is absolutely necessary to understand the business rationale behind the acquistion of another company in order to give valuable advice to the client. In that context my economic education was of high value for me.

During the recent years I also had the opportunity to assist different enterprises in strategic questions. This resulted in several assignments of trust as representative in shareholder meetings, chair in boards and positions as managing director.

Deep market knowledge exists in particular in the following busines:

Automotive HealthCare Media Real Estate Private Equity JRailtraffic and Infrastructure

Already during my work for the Swedish lawfirm Mannheimer Swartling in Berlin I gathered broad experience in German-Swedish business. I did advise many Swedish companies with transactions and projects in Germany and with establishing business in the German market as well as German companies with their establishment in the Swedish market. Apart from legal questions often economic, strategic and cultural issues are of major importance when entering a new market.

From my earlier work I do have a broad network of advisors in Germany but also of colleagues either at Swedens leading lawfirms or colleagues specialised on advising German companies.

Irrespective if you want to establish business areas in new markets or want to create new positions in existing markets my experience and market knowledge can support your ideas. Advise without many questionmarks, straight to the point - auf den Punkt gebracht.